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Centralized Paint Supply System
Paint Circulation Systems provide a centralized way to insure consistent paint viscosity, temperature, particle suspension, and uniform color from the painting supply module to each manual or automatic  paint drop in the spray booth. The paint circulates continuously and does not settle out, preventing dirt from accumulating and potentially plugging the pipe lines. This is achieved by controlling the paint flow rate, pressure and velocity in each pipe size. The whole paint circulation system for each color is controlled in the mixing room. Paint Circulating Systems provide a method of significantly improving the color match, finish quality, and appearance of the product being painted. At the same time these systems reduce cost and save manpower in the painting process.
Centralized Sealant and Adhesive Supply System
Bulk sealant and adhesive supply systems provide uniform and precise delivery from the sealant supply room to the application station drops through high pressure pipe lines. The sealant pressure and flow rate may be controlled by the pump station and drop station components combined, to provide accurate and precise application of adhesive and sealants to reduce waste, increase productivity, and maintain consistent quality. Temperature control systems are also available to guarantee the overall integrity and uniformity of the dispensing process. These types of systems also reduce cost, material handling, and manpower in addition to improving quality.
Lubricating and Filling System
Centralized lubrication systems provide a “state of the art” method for transferring, metering, and dispensing a wide variety of lubricants, oils, and greases. These systems utilize a scanner to read a bar code signal to select the fluid type and amount to be dispensed. It then sends that signal to a data server, which is then forwarded to a PLC. The PLC then controls the flow switch and solenoid valve “on or off” to dispense the selected lubricant or oil. The oil then flows through a check valve, filter, flow meter, solenoid valve, hose reel, and dispense valve.
Windshield Sealing System in the Assembly Shop
Windshield sealing systems involve the application of urethane primers, adhesives, and hot melt materials for both manual and automatic  methods. The pump station supplies high viscosity sealants to drop station by various pump and gear meter combinations. The pump and pipe lines are usually heated to decrease the viscosity in order to increase the fluid capability, precise application, and working efficiency of the process.  This cost saving system reduces labor cost, increases product quality., and insures a uniform and continuous flow to insure proper installation of the windshield. Automatic dispensing machines and robots are commonly used in high production applications.
Sealing Systems in the Body Shop
Sealing systems in the body shop are used for accurate and precise dispensing and metering of sealants and adhesives to reduce moisture and air leaks, provide sound deadening, and replace welding. The H.P pump stations supply high viscosity sealant / adhesive to single or multiple drops located along the assembly lines. These systems have the advantage of speed and high efficiency; saving cost, and making it easy to control the sealing bead and flow rate, therefore improving production quality and yield. It has been applied to many hemming sealing processes and mastic sealing applications, many of which are automated with high speed machines and robots.
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