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Shanghai Volkswagen Co., Ltd. Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd. Nanjing Ford Automobile Co., Ltd. Hainan Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. Anhui Jianghuai Automotive Co., Ltd Shenzhen BYD Auto Co., Ltd Chery Automobile Co., Ltd Zhejiang Geely Automobile Co., Ltd Jiangling-Isuzu Motors Co., Ltd Yanfeng Plastic Omnium Automotive Exterior Systems Co., Ltd Jiangnan Mould & Plastic Technology Co., LTD. Caterpillar (Xuzhou) Ltd. Xugong Science&Technology Co.,Ltd
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About us

Shanghai Mingxin Coating Technology & Engineering Co. Ltd (Shanghai Mingxin) was founded in 1995 and located in the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Area. Shanghai Mingxin is dedicated to designing, fabricating, installing and commissioning of Fluid Handling Systems. We are the leaders in coating equipment application engineering in the

In Mainland China, Shanghai Mingxin has been Graco Inc’s Million US Dollar-distributor for many years; a Top Ten worldwide distributor of Hosco, the authorized distributor of EFC, the most respected partner of Chemetall, the exclusive engineering distributor of Kremlin, and the exclusive distributor of Shinhang sealing equipment.

Shanghai Mingxin offers a wide variety of fluid handling and adhesive application equipment, including PCS, dispensing, controlling, and spray finishing. The equipment is applied into auto assembly, auto feeder, and industrial machinery market areas. Our business is providing total service to our customers including designing, fabrication, installation and commissioning of Paint Circulation Systems, Sealing Systems, Adhesive Systems, and Drop Systems. We also provide Chemical Integrator Management, customized Technical Solutions and Project Management.

Shanghai Mingxin has a modern glass curtain wall office building of 2000M2 , a 1600 M2 warehouse, a 900 M2 assembly shop and a 500 M2 lab. Our team members and professional staff include 18 sales engineers, 16 technical engineers, 25 project engineers and 15 service engineers. We have provided over1500 sets of paint circulation system lines and thousands of packages to the end users all over China in recent decades. Our key accounts include: Shanghai Volkswagen Co., Ltd; Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd; Nanjing Ford Automobile Co.,Ltd; Hainan Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd; Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd; Shenzhen BYD Auto Co., Ltd; Chery Automobile Co., Ltd; Zhejiang Geely Automobile Co., Ltd; Jiangling-Isuzu Motors Co., Ltd; Caterpillar (Xuzhou) Ltd; Xugong Science&Technology Co., Ltd….etc.

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